Friday, December 4, 2015

Event posting Promising Practices

My first workshop was about Type 1 Diabetes and how children are living with them. It went over how students can live with checking their sugar levels and how the different foods affects their sugar level. They informed us about us what we could do for a student if their sugar levels are low. The nursing team went over how they got a grand to help educate nurses at different school information on how to treat children with different sugar levels and how to educate the teachers to look for signs when a student is going into trouble with their sugar levels. They are trying to keep student that have Type 1 diabetes in school more so that their parents don’t have to come get them. Many children have this and people started to see a problem with children going home all the time because people didn’t know when students were really in trouble with their diabetes. I worked with a teacher that would get one or two phone calls a day about her daughter and her sugar level. She would have to leave work every other week because the school wanted her to come pick her daughter up. Most of the time her daughter was fine but the school nurse would send her home just in case.
oln_base.gifThe second workshop was the build homes and improving the land in Olneyville.  The image on the right is a picture of the area of Olneyville with in Providence, RI. The workshop was so good. She talked about the different steps them had o go through to improve the parks so that people wanted to go to them and worked with the police department so that they could keep that children safe when they were playing in the park. The image on this page shows one of the three parks that they reopened for the community. The other items they talked about was how they needed start a food bank and a program to help educate people about hunger. I connect really closing with this because I work with different groups to educate people of how big of a problem hunger is in America.

       I understood how large of a problem hunger was in our communities, was when I went through it myself with my twin boys. As I was struggling to put food on the table I used it as a learning experience to help others so that no children would have to feel hungry.  Being a teacher at a daycare I grow to know the families very closely and understand when they are having hard times with money for food. You can also realize it in the children because they can only think about how hungry they are instead of learning. Occasionally, I have to tell a child to slow down when they are eating, knowing in my heart it is only because they are so hungry. I feel education on hunger should be something everyone should know about incase one day it occurs to them or someone they know. If we all work together on getting educated on how hunger is a 14128753622_19a21a049a_z.jpgproblem it will help stop children from feeling hungry.  Many people don't know it is a problem until they have to experience it and are not sure where to turn for help. Educating people about hunger will benefit communities to work together so that no one has to miss a meal. When we work together we can change the world, like the Olneyville team did. This workshop reminded me of the video we watch on the community listening to the youth wanting to go to the park.
The team that helped improve the town by lessening to what the people of the town wanted and the police and the government wanted. They started by seeing that a lot of the crime was happening in the park and people wanted to be able to go to the park again. By asking different people what they wanted help turn the town around and have them work together to change the community they all live in.  The team has chance a whole time from the housing to afterschool programs to making sure people have food on the table. This group of people have changed how one town is looked at for the better and people are now able to go to different parks with their families and improve the homes people were living in. By people seeing that here need to be a change and learning from others around them they were able to one part of Providence for the better.

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