Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Problem we all Live with

We said that we need to have equal education for all students....but are we really giving one?

It is time to go back and look at the education system and see what is working and what is NOT?
Why keep having the same educational systems, if it is failing so many children? Each child that comes to school has different things going on and you can't just tell how smart they are by a test you give them. We are giving them an education based on the amount of money the neighborhood has.

When hearing what the parents had to say about letting the children come in the school I could not believe it but it is so true. When I was looking for places to live I looked to see how well the school was placed in the state. I didn't shop a school for color but I did shop for a school that had a great education. Just like one mother said on the show "I shopped for a school department". If parents are shopping for schools that means that the school systems are not equal at all. I have seen with my own eye's school that are teaching with very old text books and others schools have new math and science programs. How are children getting the equal education if different towns are having to teach with older programs? We are teaching the next generational of leaders, we should be able to get the best programs for all school not just leave it up to the PTA groups that raise most of the money for the programs. 

A big problem in schooling and programs that are run in school come from the systems that the government has in place. It is not that they give more money to different areas, it is they don't help give the same new programs to all the schools so they can teach the best, newest information that is around. Science is any area that changes all the time from new information about outer space to animals discover in the ocean. But if you are still teaching with the text book from 10 years ago to bad for those students. It is telling them they don't need to know the information they are from a low income area they are never going to get anywhere anyway.

The article on Kristof and the information on SWCAMMP really make me think how they are all yell and showing us that we are still not treating everyone with the fail and equal rights that we say are country has. We have all of these bars on the bird cages stopping people trying to make a better life for them and/or there child but push them back in so they can every get out of where they are not matter how hard they try.  

We do have problems with segregating still....

Let's not be sorry for not giving child the education they should be getting because of their color or financial background.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Service Learning Project

I was reading Sydnia Paige blog and a quote that she had wrote about from the article Kahne and Westheimer was

"By finding and engaging in community service activities, Mr. Johnson explained, students would interact with those less fortunate than themselves and would experience the excitement and joy of learning while using the community as a classroom." 

I agree that the classroom is a community and they are learning from each other.  The students can use the classroom community to help the outside community they live in.  Service learning in the classroom is imported because students should learn how they can change their community, in which, they live in for the better. Teachers will tell their students about helping in the community but a student doesn't really understand the hole service learning area just by being told about it. There is a feeling that a person gets when they can see how they are impacting the community.

The feeling of accomplishment is something that a person has to feel to fully understand what it means. There are so many ideas that students can do and still be learning in the classroom, like, doing a food drive and learning about what foods are good for your body. Another idea could be a science class learning about animals and helping a local SPCA group.

When reading this article it reminded me a lot of a person that has give most of his life to service learning in schools and helping their education. Mr. Feinstein has given so much to R.I. from making sure children and their family's have food on their table, to college helping give students a great educations, to helping students in different schools learn about what service learning is in their community. He helps write for grants, raise money, and grow each person to see how helping others, helps everyone!

By children doing different service learning projects in the classroom or in the community they will  grow up to help make our world a better place for the next generation. By doing one service learning projects a student can walk away with a world of knowledge.

Children should know what is going on in their community and know how they can help to make it a better place. It is hands on learning for a lifetime.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Adding to Safe Spaces

Connecting to Different Ideas

Teacher's are a voice for their students.....

In the Safe Space article it reminds me how we talked about SCWAAMP. When people are not straight we are unable to look at someone as being in the normal. It is outside of what we see or are told about how a person should be. People will be a shamed of being outside of the bird cage because they will not be seen as equal to everyone. We have created a image in our head of how someone should be and the image has be put in our head by different systems around us. When people are outside the normal, other people's eyes can't handle seeing or understand why someone is they way they are. Our heads have been trained to think and see what is wright and what is wrong. We get ideas in are head because of holidays, advertisements and are empowering leaders in our lives. It is very hard for people not to judge others because he have been shown the roles of power and how we should ask about different ideas. When you play by the rules you can get farther in life. People will be opened to get to know you if you are the same as them, but if you are not they will close the door on you before you even get to say hello. As teachers, we need to know how to be able to understand the different stressors that students are going through and make sure that the classroom is an open and safe place for all students no matter what their beliefs.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Christensen...What we don't see on TV

The article talked about how different films affected how children see different ideas. One article I found talked about how people will take in ideas of different topic without even knowing it is happening. This article had a quote:

This is a graph that someone did about the different characters.

This is so true, children see how others are acting to someone because of their skin color or the belief someone might have about how they live their life. It is importuned that parents talk to their children about a type of film they might see. In every film, their are hidden ideas about different beliefs. It is sometimes hard to see but the ideas are their you just have to take a step back when you are watching the film. There are ideas about PDA and how we show affection toured people or it could be how we look at someone that is wearing surety types if clothes.

This is the idea of a great American family?

It might just be a picture of a girl but look a little closer. This shows people how they should see them self. It also shows how we should see others. What makes it so importuned to look like this?
Oh, I know is goes back to SCWAAMP. It is the ideas that we have already have had put in our head from birth.

This girl's picture is perfect and she only had to change herself a little, right? She has all name brand items so she is importuned, now. Her husband is a great white male leader and owns a lot of land.

This is what I am looking for in the man of my dreams...he owns a big house, white and a great leaders.

I was watching a Disney movie with my children the other day and was really breaking what was going on in the movie. In the movie Frozen, I never stopped to think about how one of the girl's has to ask for help from a man and that the girl's are both white. The girl's have to find someone to marry so that the male can be king.  I do understand that ideas are taken from history of kings and queens but why not make a movie about the times we are living in now. 
In a lot of the movies that the mothers have dies like Bambi, Finding Nemo, The Little Maid Mermaid, Aladdin and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. A lot of them are like this because Walt Disney himself lost his mother. This shows that sometime film makers will make film on their past and put their feels about an idea into a movie. By the film maker doing that, it makes you like or believe in the same ideas and you don't even one he is putting the ideas in your head.

  Not all the ideas are bad, you just have to make sure you take a good look and understand what the movie is trying to say about different ideas in life.

What is your Princess learning?

With all the images we see is makes it so that we believe we should look one way. Knowing the rules of how you "should" look, makes use change how we really look by make-up, clothes and surgeries. I makes me think that we have an idea of an image of how people look inside of a birdcage. The cage has bars that are made from advertisements, parents beliefs, friends, government, doctors and so on...

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Safe Spaces

Where is your school when it comes to the LBGT community?

This graph shows information about students and name calling that goes on in schools. This graph and the article, Safe Space, compare because they show how there is name calling in the schools and it is affecting students.

*  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  *

Teaching is a had thing to do but someone has to do it.
There are many different topics that come about when teaching and the topics chance over time.  Teachers have to be ready to handle the hard questions and make sure that the answer they give their students are the safe answers.  Students need to know that their teacher is there to support them in the difficult programs that come about in the classroom. Not everything a student will goes through in the classroom can be read in a book.  Student's are learning about themselves as well as expanding their knowledge.

*  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  *

It is our job to educate students, not change what makes them who they are.

A came a crossed an article that talks about laws that help students know what their rights are and laws that are put in place to stop bullying.

Teacher's need to keep student's safe and teach them bulling is not ok, EVER!