Sunday, November 15, 2015

Citizenship in Schools

Having children be part of a community, not part of a system.

In the article call Citizenship in School: Reconceptualizing Down Syndrome by Kliewer I was see how it was related on SCWAAP and the article by Oakes.

SCWAAP plays a part in this article by people having Able Body. If a student is different in the littlest way they are thought as not being able to be part of that classroom community. A children should not be seen with what they can't do but what they are able to learn to do.  People have an image in their head of having a classroom with able body children and giving them worksheet to complete to show how you have taught them. It should be more of a picture of  a diverse classroom with every child being different and bringing something special to their classroom community.  In the article the teacher proved that having children of all ability's in the classroom create a community of learning for everyone to take part in. When we label children with a disability and teach them outside of the classroom, it doesn't help students in the classroom or the students with disabilities but we still do it. The same goes with how we separates children into different districts by where children live. We have proven that it does work but we still do it. When every child finishes school they will be working with all different people from all different backgrounds. Working as a community is what is going to change the world and going to create better leaders to lead the next generations.

Looking outside the box to teach children of all different backgrounds should not just be done by a worksheet like Oakes pointed out about the different working class groups. Just because a student have a disability doesn't make it so we turndown what they are learning but need to look at how we are teaching them. Teaching the students in one room as a citizens in the community helps them learn from each other and helps other students become leaders in their class.

Teachers that look at their  students as citizens create  great relationship with each other and see how each one has their own identify in the classroom.


  1. your connections are great! I especially like the picture at the bottom, it is definitely something I agree with.

  2. I like how you connected SWAWAAP into your blog and you were able to make really great connections! I also really like all the pictures you added it really helped connect to everything you are talking about!

  3. i really like you pictures and great connections.