Sunday, November 8, 2015

Literacy- Finn

I was reading Austin blog and I really liked the quotes he used. He connect the quote to different reads and how Johnston would agree with what was happening in the schools

"The status quo is the status quo because people who have the power to make change are comfortable with the way things are". (Finn XI)
In this picture you are able to see the students were able to do a hands on project with their classmates. The teacher helped the students brainstorm ideas but they have to create different ways to go faster to win the race. The teacher was able to get the items for this class by a grant because the school was unable to buy the supplies.
I feel this quote is so true because many people don't really see how different each school is when it comes to education. Many people believe that students that live in a low income areas are just not that smart and the parents don't care. This is not true at all. Students that might leave in a low income area might only have one income house holds or a parent that has to work a lot. Peoples will try everything they can for their child but are unable to give extra money to the PTA groups for fundraised help because they are working so hard to put food on the table.

When people say a name of a town they already have an "image" of what kind of town it is. Like, When I say the town name Central Falls, RI. People think of only negative ideas but it has positives to the town, too. But to find these great items in the town you need to take a deeper look and learn how the town was decided. This is a clock tower that is in a great park for children and their families. This clock tower is on the hill
and you look up and it is breath taking. Just like this clock tower, there are great student that are in the Central Fall Schools. Some believe that the students don't have anything to give back to the community and they score low because the students don't care. Well, it is our job to teach them the rules and codes of power so they can be successful through life and at the same time learn from them about who they take in information best. Give some of the student’s power in how they learn and learn from them. Teacher should never look down at their students. They should learn how to connect to them because they are the next generation to lead this country. If we give up on student because we think we know everything about them, than what are we really teaching them? 
People with power need to stop and take a look of how we can help them. One step that Rhode Island College has done to help student's is showing them that they can go to college. The program is called Innovation Lab. The college helps with money and the families on the journey of going to college and staying in college. It is a little step to help others get a higher education in a low income area. It is nice to see Rhode Island College has not turned their head on educating for every student no matter what their income background is. They have stepped up to the plate and shown that every student should get a good education and helped shown they can go to college if they really want to.


  1. I really enjoyed your blog. I loved the connections you made to the city of Central Falls and the point you made about teaching students the rules and codes of power in order for them to suceed.