Sunday, October 4, 2015

Safe Spaces

Where is your school when it comes to the LBGT community?

This graph shows information about students and name calling that goes on in schools. This graph and the article, Safe Space, compare because they show how there is name calling in the schools and it is affecting students.

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Teaching is a had thing to do but someone has to do it.
There are many different topics that come about when teaching and the topics chance over time.  Teachers have to be ready to handle the hard questions and make sure that the answer they give their students are the safe answers.  Students need to know that their teacher is there to support them in the difficult programs that come about in the classroom. Not everything a student will goes through in the classroom can be read in a book.  Student's are learning about themselves as well as expanding their knowledge.

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It is our job to educate students, not change what makes them who they are.

A came a crossed an article that talks about laws that help students know what their rights are and laws that are put in place to stop bullying.

Teacher's need to keep student's safe and teach them bulling is not ok, EVER!


  1. The responsibility is 100% the teachers and your right if they become a teacher that have to make sure they are taking care of every student the correct way.

  2. I really liked the picture of the blackboard and the teacher. I totally agree with you. It is our job to educate them, not change their identity. Which is similar to what happened in Aria where they were told to change who they were.