Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Problem we all Live with

We said that we need to have equal education for all students....but are we really giving one?

It is time to go back and look at the education system and see what is working and what is NOT?
Why keep having the same educational systems, if it is failing so many children? Each child that comes to school has different things going on and you can't just tell how smart they are by a test you give them. We are giving them an education based on the amount of money the neighborhood has.

When hearing what the parents had to say about letting the children come in the school I could not believe it but it is so true. When I was looking for places to live I looked to see how well the school was placed in the state. I didn't shop a school for color but I did shop for a school that had a great education. Just like one mother said on the show "I shopped for a school department". If parents are shopping for schools that means that the school systems are not equal at all. I have seen with my own eye's school that are teaching with very old text books and others schools have new math and science programs. How are children getting the equal education if different towns are having to teach with older programs? We are teaching the next generational of leaders, we should be able to get the best programs for all school not just leave it up to the PTA groups that raise most of the money for the programs. 

A big problem in schooling and programs that are run in school come from the systems that the government has in place. It is not that they give more money to different areas, it is they don't help give the same new programs to all the schools so they can teach the best, newest information that is around. Science is any area that changes all the time from new information about outer space to animals discover in the ocean. But if you are still teaching with the text book from 10 years ago to bad for those students. It is telling them they don't need to know the information they are from a low income area they are never going to get anywhere anyway.

The article on Kristof and the information on SWCAMMP really make me think how they are all yell and showing us that we are still not treating everyone with the fail and equal rights that we say are country has. We have all of these bars on the bird cages stopping people trying to make a better life for them and/or there child but push them back in so they can every get out of where they are not matter how hard they try.  

We do have problems with segregating still....

Let's not be sorry for not giving child the education they should be getting because of their color or financial background.


  1. I love your first picture. It really puts into perspective how the finger is always pointed at teachers rather than the school system

  2. There is so many gaps between races that go unnoticed because people like to say racism is non-existent anymore when it is really just masked and not as prevalent as years ago. The gaps need to be filled and I believe that charts you have show that! Amazing blog!!