Sunday, September 27, 2015

Rodriguez ~ English only ~

~~ At the start of time we wanted people to live and think like us. ~~
 Don't be different, be the same.
Wait, I thought this was the land of the free and we were are equal?
Live like us or get off your own land.....

          As I was reading the article by Rodriguez, it had a lot of connects with Delpit. The students had to speak English and look at the teacher, don’t just talk to the teacher, talk to everyone, speak up. The only think the teacher didn’t tell the child to do was breeth. The teacher’s at the school thought that the students were not playing by the rules about speaking in English. The teachers even wanted them to change how they were at home and slowly turn their home more Americanized. This made me feel bad for the children because they were not able to learn about their family’s background. They had their individual of what made their family different and special to each other taken away and was told to do it the American way. The teacher want the family to fit into the SCWAAMP areas. The family needed to be American-ness for how they were speaking, and talking to each other.


Is it bad to know how to speak both?


         They needed to give all the power to the teacher's and the teacher's didn't take anytime to learn from the students. The code of power is really pushed because the teacher's came into the children’s home and told the parent's how they should live. The teacher takes all the power away from the parent's and makes them feel like they are not helping their children because they are teaching their children about their historical background.


More than half of the U.S.A. has family's speaking more then one language in their home. They should be able to keep that right. No one should tell them they have to speak English in their house.
I was watching this movie and thinking about how people see each other. Is an english background, better then a spanish background or could they be equal?
Be Proud of Who You Are!


  1. I love the image you have with your blog!

  2. I love the movie clip you used in your blog! I agree with you one hundred percent! You should not have to be made to speak english.

  3. I made the same connections and so I agree with you completely! Your images and movie clip really helped to strengthen your argument about being able to keep both languages in their lives.